Fursuit Gameshow

Furdance 2022-08-23 22:45:13

Fursuit Gameshow

Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... If you're a fursuiter and want to discover the light and dark side of the force, register in your profile! The Gameshow is a collection of themed team and individual skill games. This year, the Fursuiters have to compete in two Star Wars-themed acts!

In the first act, the players compete mostly individually to see who'll be the nine padawans who win the title of Master. In the second act, the Republic inevitably falls and the First Galactic Empire is founded. The nine ex-Jedi are recruited into teams of three and fight for the Empire's favor and the title of Inquisitor, which ensures their survival. Is there hope for them? Can someone once taken by the dark side of the Force return?

Come as a spectator or player on Saturday afternoon in the theater room!


Due to the length of the program, we'll provide you with a backstage dressing room for the duration of the game. There you can rest and prepare for the next match. In the backstage area there will be a stage manager who'll help you and coordinate you.

You can be eliminated during the qualifying matches, no one has a guarantee to advance. If you've registered but don't show up for the briefing before the start, you can be disqualified from the game.

The Jedi reward honor, but the same cannot be said unconditionally of the dark side. Be careful not to become a Sith in the first act; and in the second act, be careful to win the favor of the audience, because they'll decide your fate if you break the Empire's rules.

Your own costumes and props can hinder you during the game and, in extreme cases, even cause an accident. It's not forbidden to use and wear them, but you should be careful and considerate.

To participate, you'll need at least a mini partial fursuit (head, paws and tail). Since this is a stage production, please dress appropriately and don't wear shorts with a mini or partial fursuit.

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