Important Dates and Deadlines

Furdance 2023-08-17 13:09:00

Important Dates and Deadlines

In just a little over a month and a half, Furdance Budapest 2023 will be here! That's why we've put together all the important dates you should keep in mind.

ART SHOW AND PRINTING - 31 August 2023

If you're interested in presenting your artwork at the Art Show, you have the possibility to let us handle the printing. In this regard, please note that we expect submissions for printing and exhibition no later than 31 August 2023. These artworks should of course comply with the parameters mentioned in the description of the Art Show.

If you're bringing your artwork to the event in person, we ask that you send us an image or photo along with the technical specifications (e.g. size) of your exhibit by the end of August. If the work isn't yet finished, a WIP sketch will also suffice. It's important to know that these pictures will only be used for planning and designing the Art Show and won't be published.


In order for your profile picture to appear on the Conbadge, please upload a picture to your profile by 10 September. Unfortunately, images uploaded after this date cannot be used for production. Thank you for your understanding.

SPONSORSHIPS - 15 September 2023

In order for us to prepare an adequate amount of sponsor and super sponsor gifts, it is important that we are informed in time. Please let us know by 15 September if you are interested in a sponsorship opportunity through your account. If you already have a ticket but would still like to support the event, you can always select a sponsorship option via your profile. Please note that we may not be able to provide you with gifts if you indicate your sponsorship intention after the deadline. Thank you for your understanding and support!


You can register for the event at any time until the available tickets are used up. You can find the current options on the Prices page. If you register after 10 September 2023, we may only be able to provide you with a replacement conbadge. Please note that the replacement conbadge may differ from the regular conbadge in terms of design or quality.


Helpful Details

We'll meet next weekend at the Csokonai Cultural Centre, exactly on 2023.09.29!. In the article below you can read the most important information about the event.


August update

The schedule and allocation plan will be available in the near future, but in the meantime we have compiled the programmes and activities that have been added to the Furdance Budapest programme since July. You can check out the programmes announced so far on the "Programmes" page.


Discover the world of cocktails with Fleenno!

If your eyes light up when you see more than one vodka orange on the drinks menu, and you're interested in how a perfect Zombie or Cosmopolitan is made, then this experience is for you.


Fursuit Dance competition (Q&A)

We hope you're already excitedly preparing for the contest! To make your preparation a little easier, we've compiled the most frequently asked questions and corresponding answers about the dance competition.


Information before registration

There are only a few hours left until May 1 at 20:00, when registration for Furdance 2023 opens. That's why we've gathered information you should definitely know before registering. The two biggest changes this year involve the Beat Saber Tournament and the Fursuiter Transfer Bus Service.


We are open!

We're pleased to announce that the website for the Furdance Budapest 2023 event is now available. There you'll find the latest information about the event. Mark your calendars for September 29 and October 1 to meet us at the Furdance Budapest event!