Helpful Details

Furdance 2023-09-18 23:34:18

Helpful Details

We'll meet next weekend at the Csokonai Cultural Centre, exactly on 2023.09.29!. In the article below you can read the most important information about the event.

Events and programmes

You have already read about the events since April, but now it's time to check the schedule. Please note that this schedule is for information purposes only and is intended to give you an overview of the convention schedule. The exact start times for the events will be displayed at the venue.

On-site registration

Once you have arrived at the convention, you need to register. If you have attended one of our events before, you can simply provide one of your registration details, e.g. your registration number, nickname or show your E-ticket.

If you're attending the event for the first time, please have an ID ready for verification.

Once you have completed on-site registration and received your wristband and conbadge, you're free to move around the venue. After that, you don't have to come to the registration desk every day.


On site you'll find a well-designed buffet and a large garden. In addition to crisps and snacks, the menu also includes sandwiches, hot sandwiches and various dishes. We hope the buffet's offerings have something tasty for everyone. If you're craving something not on the list, feel free to ask them! The buffet also has card payment terminals.

To give you an idea of menu, we've picked out a few items:

Hot Sandwiches (various) 500 HUF
Breaded meat with French fries 2000 HUF
Breaded Cheese with French fries 2200 HUF
Soft drinks, 0.5l (various) 490 HUF
Draft beer, 0.5l 700 HUF
Draft beer, 0.33l 450 HUF
Bottled beer, 0.5l (various) 650-700 HUF
Long Drink (various) 1200 HUF
Spirits, 4cl (various) 850-950 HUF

As food, drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks) and alcoholic beverages are offered at the buffet, bringing food and drinks from outside is prohibited!


Bus lines 25 and 125 stop almost directly in front of the venue and reach it within half an hour from Újpest-Központ (M), Bosnyák Tér and Mexikói út (M). Bus line 5 stops just a few minutes' walk away, and you can also reach Zugló vasútállomás, Keleti pályaudvar (M) and Blaha Lujza tér (M), as well as Ferenciek Tere (M) and Szél Kálmán tér (M) in forty-five to fifty-five minutes.

For route planning you should definitely use a map. We recommend that you use the BudapestGo application in addition to the tried and tested Google Map. Here you can't only track the vehicles running in the capital live, but also easily buy an electronic ticket, a day pass or a ticket.


August update

The schedule and allocation plan will be available in the near future, but in the meantime we have compiled the programmes and activities that have been added to the Furdance Budapest programme since July. You can check out the programmes announced so far on the "Programmes" page.


Important Dates and Deadlines

In just a little over a month and a half, Furdance Budapest 2023 will be here! That's why we've put together all the important dates you should keep in mind.


Discover the world of cocktails with Fleenno!

If your eyes light up when you see more than one vodka orange on the drinks menu, and you're interested in how a perfect Zombie or Cosmopolitan is made, then this experience is for you.


Fursuit Dance competition (Q&A)

We hope you're already excitedly preparing for the contest! To make your preparation a little easier, we've compiled the most frequently asked questions and corresponding answers about the dance competition.


Information before registration

There are only a few hours left until May 1 at 20:00, when registration for Furdance 2023 opens. That's why we've gathered information you should definitely know before registering. The two biggest changes this year involve the Beat Saber Tournament and the Fursuiter Transfer Bus Service.


We are open!

We're pleased to announce that the website for the Furdance Budapest 2023 event is now available. There you'll find the latest information about the event. Mark your calendars for September 29 and October 1 to meet us at the Furdance Budapest event!