Furdance 2022-09-05 13:53:00


This year, the Csokonai Cultural Center in the 15th district of Budapest welcomes us. We've gathered some important information you should know before your trip.

The venue is located in a residential area, so parking is limited. There's a small parking lot not far from the venue, right next to the playground, but it's mainly used by residents. If there's a space available, you can of course use it, but we'd like to ask you to travel by public transport from your accommodation.


To ensure a smooth check-in, you should arrive at the check-in time indicated in the schedule. If you've already logged in and received your conbadge, you can enter the venue at any time. If you don't manage to arrive at one of the check-in times, you may have to wait for admission.

We'd like to remind you that, according to our regulations, you must wear the conbadge visibly at the venue for the entire duration of the event. This doesn't apply to programs (e.g. Fursuit Activity, Fursuit Gameshow, Stepmania) where wearing the conbadge could pose an obstacle or accident risk.


There will also be a sophisticated buffet on site and a large garden. In addition to French fries and nibbles, the offer includes a variety of sandwiches, hot rolls, schnitzel, fried cheeses and gyros. We hope that everyone will find something to their taste in the buffet's offer. You can pay by credit card at the buffet.

Without claiming completeness, we've highlighted a few dishes from the offer, so you can get an idea of what dishes await you:

Hot sandwich (several varieties) 420 HUF
Schnitzel with French fries 1600 HUF
Fried cheese with french fries 1500 HUF
Cordon Bleu with french fries 2300 HUF
Gyros platter with french fries and Greek salad 2300 HUF

As food, drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks) and alcoholic beverages are served at the buffet, it's strictly forbidden to bring them into the whole event area!

Suit Lounge and Art Show

It's prohibited to take photographs, bring or keep food or beverages in the Suit Lounge and Art Show rooms. This also applies to food and beverages purchased at the buffet.

Stage Room and Backstage Dressing rooms

The main hall of the event is the theater room where most of the programs and Artist Alley will take place. We ask you not to go on stage when there's no event, but to approach the backstage dressing room from the garden if you're going to a photo shoot, for example.

Just like the cafeteria, the theater room and backstage dressing rooms have a direct connection to the garden. If you want to play board games but the light is too dark or the program running on stage is too loud for you, you can take the games into the garden or cafeteria.


Bus lines 25 and 125 stop almost directly in front of the venue and reach it within half an hour from Újpes Koezpont (M), Bosnyák Tér and Mexikói út (M). Bus line 5 stops just a few minutes' walk away, and you can also reach Zugló Station, Keleti pálya udvar (M) and Blaha Lujza tér (M), as well as Ferenciek Tere (M) and Szél Kálmán tér (M) in forty-five to fifty-five minutes.

For route planning you should definitely use a map. We recommend that you use the BudapestGo application in addition to the tried and tested Google Map. Here you can't only track the vehicles running in the capital live, but also easily buy an electronic ticket, a day pass or a ticket.

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