2021. szeptember 24-26

Furdance Budapest
...now more than just a dance!

The organizers of the “Furdance Budapest” want to invite you for their annual event once more! And as for the fifth time of our meetings, this year we decided to make something more than just a one night long dance party. Our event’s going to be a 3-day long Outing!
This includes multiple new and exciting events, so that this fall is an unforgettable experience for all.

But still the main part of our event remains the dance night!

Experienced DJs will ensure that everyone is going to have a good time on Saturday, whether they are the fans of 90s, 2000s, or modern dance music styles. With a constantly updated music offer and high-quality lighting and sound technology, we ensure the creation of a good atmosphere for spending time together.

Come with us, and have a good time with both inland and foreign furry friends and make this autumn unforgettable together!





Pinball Museum


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Early Bird Tickets

We still honor those who “gets up early”, and give them extra discounts for their faith in our event.

Sign up in time and claim the Early Bird, or the Super Early Bird discounts until you can!

From 6.000 HUF
  • Saturday Night Furdance
  • Daycare
  • ConBadge
  • Bio on the site
Super Sponsor
From 10.000 HUF
  • Saturday Night Furdance
  • Daycare
  • ConBadge
  • Bio on the site
  • Unique rank
  • Unique Badge
  • Bio on the ConBadge
  • Priority admittance
  • Gift

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