Art Show

The Art Show is an art exhibition that isn't tied to a specific theme, so a variety of subjects and styles can be displayed, including freehand drawings, digital creations and photography. Visitors are free to explore the exhibition during opening hours, which range from the opening of the gate to the evening Furdance. At the end of the event, some of the exhibited works may be auctioned.

The picture shows a golden cartoon dragon in black tones holding a wine glass with casual elegance. The Danube and the Chain Bridge in Budapest can be seen in the nocturnal background, with a view from Buda towards Pest.
Created using the work of PGtheDragon. – © 2023 Furdance Budapest – CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

How to to apply as an exhibitor?

If you'd like your artwork to be displayed at the art show, please read the following rules and instructions carefully and then fill out this form, so we can contact you.

Exhibition regulations

  • You may only bring your own original work or an artwork for which you have the necessary rights and/or permission to exhibit. It's the responsibility of the exhibitor to exhibit only approved artworks.
  • The art exhibition also has a NSFW area where adult content can be displayed. However, we ask that you only exhibit artworks that are acceptable to a wide audience and avoid divisive or provocative themes.
  • The purpose of the Art Show is to provide a platform for artists from the community to display their work. Therefore, there is no charge for exhibiting artwork, but we cannot cover the costs of production and materials.
  • If you wish to auction an artwork, please inform us of your intention at least 30 days before the event. Furdance Budapest only provides the venue, environment and programme; it does not charge a percentage or commission. Therefore, the proceeds from the auction belong to the artist, and he/she must fulfil the necessary legal requirements for the transfer.
  • If you didn't put your artwork up for auction or it didn't sell, you're responsible for picking it up. You can collect it on Monday when the Art Show is dismantled or directly after the auction. We cannot keep the artworks indefinitely, so please le tus know if you're unable to collect it on site
  • We cannot exhibit artworks that are printed on poor quality photocopy paper. Of course, there are exceptions, such as freehand drawings and paintings, where the paper properties cannot be changed retroactively due to their nature.
  • Please send us a picture or photo of your artwork within 30 days before the event. If the artwork isn't yet finished, a WIP sketch will also suffice. These images won't be published and will only be used for planning the layout and design of the art exhibition.
  • Artwork must arrive on time to participate in the exhibition. You can drop off your work on site between 10:00 and 12:30. It's important to know that check-in starts at 11:00. So you only have the possibility to drop off your work, but you cannot stay on the site until check-in starts.
  • If you delegate the handing over and receiving of the works to someone else or have problems delivering them on time, contact us to find a solution.

Questions and Answers

Do I have to participate in the event to exhibit?

Although we very much welcome the participation of exhibitors at the event, their presence is not obligatory. If you leave the printing to us or commission someone to deliver your work to us before the event, we can still exhibit it.

Will I get the exhibited artworks back?

The exhibitor must decide the fate of each exhibited work. You can therefore get the exhibited artworks back, even if we have organised the printing for you.

Can I only exhibit works that were made for the event?

No, you can also exhibit earlier artworks, especially if they haven't yet been shown at the Art Show. If the artwork was commissioned, we recommend that you consult with the client.

What can I send to the auction?

You can send any picture or object to the auction that has participated in the Art Show exhibition. In our experience, the auction public favours large-scale paintings depicting generic figures, but this is of course not a requirement.
If you have made a commissioned work, we recommend that you always speak to the commissioner or owner of the figures depicted in the painting.

I can donate the proceeds from the auction to charity?

Furdance Budapest only provides the venue, the environment and the programme. As we do not collect any money and the transaction is solely between you and the winner, you have to take care of it yourself.
Like any good initiative, we are happy to support charitable activities. If you have such intentions, please let us know so that we can inform the participants during the exhibition and the auction programme.

What about images created by AI?

Although this question is not yet clearly regulated, we do not recognise images created by artificial intelligence as original works of art in their own right, in accordance with European guidelines.
The reason for this is that it is impossible to express the artist's free and creative choices, as the creation of the artwork is governed by technical rules and frameworks that the artist cannot fully control.
Furthermore, the copyright and other intellectual property rights of artworks created with artificial intelligence are not clearly defined. Without these rights, you cannot prove that you are allowed to exhibit the artwork, so we cannot exhibit it.