These rules applies for all the attendees of the event. Non-compliance with the rules may result in a warning, or in worse cases with banning.

Please read and observe the rules you accepted at the registration!

General rules

During the meet the organizers will do their best to ensure the safety of attendees. However they cannot in any way be held responsible for the reckless behavior and actions of individuals.
Take care of each other's physical integrity, site and technical equipment, and take care of the fursuites, do not damage or contaminate them.
Please be respectful towards other attendees and the staff, do not cause a scandal, and if you get into a disagreement with someone do not escalate it to a fight. The organizers will intervene if necessary but they will not act as anyone’s personal judge, lawyer or bodyguard. In serious cases or „repeat offender” the organizers reserve the right to immediately expel the attendee from the event, in worse case the atendee will be banned from future events. Law enforcement will be called to assist if necessary.

Clothing and behavior

Adult and suggestive themes, art, objects, clothing, accessories and behavior is not permitted during any of the events.These include but are not limited to gags, fetish clothing and ‘adult’ fursuits. This is especially true for public events such as the suitwalk.
The organizer reserves the right to give permission to use certain costumes and accessories after prior consultation.


The legal minimum age for alcohol consumption is 18 years. During the events of Furdance Budapest the organizers expect you to know your limits and be reasonable with your alcohol consumption, especially during public events.

Tobacco products and smoking

The legal minimum age of tobacco consumption is 18 years. Tobacco products can only be bought and sold in state-controlled ‘National Tobacconist’ (‘Nemzeti Dohánybolt’) stores. The store owners have the right to ask for a picture ID to verify your age, and refuse selling you their products. Technically you are not even permitted to enter the store if you are younger than 18. You are only permitted to smoke in designated areas. Indoor smoking is universally banned in pubs, restaurants, clubs and many other locations. Outdoor smoking in banned in the public transportation waiting areas, and in the vicinity of several public institutions, such as hospitals. Be aware, that you can be fined by police or local authorities for breaking these rules. Electronic cigarettes are also considered as tobacco products.


All narcotics – including marijuana – are illegal. In Hungary the ownership and consumption of even trace amounts may be punishable by jail time. During Furdance Budapest it is strictly forbidden to carry or consume any kind of illegal substances!

Weapons and replicas

Hungarian laws are very strict on firearms, gas guns, rubber bullet guns and other pyrotechnic devices. Ownership is very restricted and open carry is illegal except for law enforcement officials on duty. The carry of ‘objects resembling firearms’ (such as airsoft and replica guns) is strongly discouraged as you can be fined or arrested if you cause a public disturbance. Swords, knives, axes etc. with a longer than 8cm blade are considered to be ‘exceptionally dangerous’ objects and the police may confiscate these permanently and issue a fine. Organizers of Furdance Budapest ask all attendees not to bring any such objects to the events.

Terms of use

The terms of use is valid for the attendees/site visitors of and the personal data shared by them with the organizers.

Data management

On behalf of Furdance Budapest: Batiz Zoltán.

Data storage

The personal data provided by the attendee is stored by the hosting service provider of Mikrovps

Rules and basis of data storage and management

The legal basis of the personal data management is the voluntary consent of the attendee/site visitor according to the provisions of 5. § (1) a) of Act CXII. of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information.
The personal data shared voluntarily by the attendee/site visitor is stored and managed according to the relevant Hungarian and EU laws in effect at the time of sharing.
The personal data provided by the attendee/site visitor will not be shared with third parties and will not be used in any way for commercial or other kind of gain.

The attendee/site visitor accepts that his/her nationality can be displayed publicly on the page which lists attendees. Other displayed data are the furry name, species and avatar picture set by the attendee/site visitor.
The attendee/site visitor can at any time ask the staff for information about their stored personal data. They can also ask for their change, correction or deletion.
Send all requests to the staff listed under the credits menu point. In case of a deletion request the personal data will be deleted within 5 working days.
Attendees/site visitors are identified by their email accounts used for registration (or their Facebook account).

Aim of data storage and management

Identification of the attendees of the Furdance Budapest furry meetup.


Attention, The event use audiovisual laser equipment!
The optic of cameras and phones are much more sencsitive than a human’s eye, so it’s important to know if the laser directly reach the optics (within 8-10 meters), it may damage it.
Based on this, please avoid to directly aim to the light, because the organizer is not responsible for possible damages.


During the event the suitlounge is reserved for registrated fursuiter so they can change at any time during the event and keep their fursuit and suit-accesories safe.
In the suitlounge only the members of staff and the fursuiters can enter. It’s frobbiden to make photos and videos!


Party supplies brought to the event or provided by the organizers (for exaple light bard, etc.) can be used only for its intended purpose. Do not disassemble or spill any dangerous and contaminating contents.
Do not damage the health of others with these objects, and do not contaminate other people's clothing, fursuits, venue furniture, or event equipment!


We ask everyone to follow the general rules of hygiene. Maintaining each other’s health during an epidemic is particularly important. Frequent and thorough hand washing and sneezing or coughing in a disposable handkerchief are key to preventing the disease. When using public transport, observe the current epidemiological regulations with regard to the epidemic situation. Therefore, do not forget the mask or shawl used to cover your face. If external sites provide hand sanitizer equipment, use it.
The organizer of Furdance Budapest will provide the possibility to wash and sanitize your hands at the main eventsite. Only healthy people without fever can attend the event. If you feeling sick, please stay at home.