This year, the Csokonai Cultural Center in Budapest's 15th district will be hosting us.

Address: 1153 Budapest, Eötvös u. 64-66.

The venue is easy to reach, with bus lines 25 and 125 stopping just steps from the entrance, and bus line 5 stopping a few minutes' walk away, providing access to Zugló Railway Station, Keleti Railway Station (M) and Blaha Lujza Square (M).


Check-in for the event will be on Friday and Saturday between 11:00-13:00. If you checked in earlier and received your conbadge, you can enter the event at any time. With an e-ticket you can check-in at any time and you aren't bound to the given arrival times.

If you cannot arrive during the check-in window and don't have an e-ticket, you may have to wait to be admitted.

You can find your electronic ticket at the top of your profile page. To scan it, just click the "View your ticket..." button. Please don't print your ticket, as this isn't necessary and not environmentally friendly.

It's important to know that the e-ticket is bound to your registration, so it can be used only once. Therefore, please don't give your unique QR code to others, because if someone has already used your ticket, we can no longer admit you to the event.