Frequently asked questions

Are you not sure about how you can register to certain events? Or just want to know where you can wear your fursuit?

We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions for your convenience.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, you can find us on our Telegram channel or our Facebook page.

See you at Furdance Budapest!

What is Furdance Budapest?

It’s an event made for people interested in the furry subculture, with it’s main event being the Furdance in the evening.
Furdance is organized twice a year in Budapest, at fall as a stand-alone event, and at the start of the year as a guest program under Fursang.

Can I still attend the events if I haven’t registered?

Registration is required for all events you wish to attend, you also need to indicate all the events you wish to attend on your profile, with the exception of the Fursuit Walk (though we would greatly appreciate it if you did).
By participating in the Fursuit Walk you agree to the Furdance Budapest code of conduct, regardless of registration status.

How can I register for the event?

If you already have a Furdance Budapest account, then simply sign into your profile and register for the current event.
If you don’t yet have an account, you can create one using your E-mail or Facebook.

Do I need to use my real information during registration?

It is important that you use your real name and birth date, as well as that you use a legitimate e-mail (or Facebook) account. You can learn more about privacy in the Regulation menu point. Every other information is up to you, they’re for the easier identification of you by the other attendees, and to help the staff with certain events.

Is there a minimum age of attendance?

The minimum age of attendance is 16 years of age, 18 for certain events. The minimal age of every event is disclosed in advance. The minimum age of attendance applies to all events, with the exception of the Fursuit Walk, where attendance is not age restricted (with parental/guardian supervision for those under the minimum age of attendance).

Is there a mandatory attendance fee?

Since the events are mostly held in private spaces, the price of every event will be stated next to it, which will cover the rent and other additional cost (individual consumption not included.)

What about personal expenses?

Your personal expenses during events (drinks, food, private games etc.) are to be covered by yourself, unless previously disclosed otherwise.
All such expenses are to be paid to venue operators directly. Tabs or loans are prohibited at certain venues.

Can I attend events in my fursuit?

Whether or not the program is fursuit friendly will be disclosed at every event.

When and where is the assembly before events?

All programs with preceding assembly periods will have the place, and time of assembly listed, or announced beforehand.

What will the route of the Fursuit Walk be?

The route of the Fursuit Walk is listed on our website in the events section.

How will we travel around the city?

We might take public transport between the main venue and program locations.
It’s every attendee’s own responsibility to get their tickets, passes or cards.

Will there be organised accommodation for the duration of the event?


How can I support the event?

The organisers welcome all forms of donations, be it financial, moral, or physical in nature. You can also purchase sponsor tickets to the event, this sponsorship will help us improve the quality of the event.

Can I cancel the program after I registered for it?

If you’ve already paid for the program, we can’t refund you. But up until you paid for the optional programs, you can change them around.

Can I transfer my (already paid for) registration?

If you have already paid for your pass, but can’t attend the event, you can transfer your pass(es) to someone else.
For this please contact Wolfie Kif.

What happens, if the event gets canceled, because of government regulations?

In regards to the special situation, we have a B plan. If we can’t hold the meet at the end of september, it will be postponed until the

Can I bring my pet to the event?

MSince all of our events take place at different venues, we will indicate whether or not pets are allowed for each event separately.

Can i pay someone else’s ticket?

Yes, but you have to fill the description section in the payment with the beneficiary’s id.
If you want to pay more atendees fee at the same time, separe the ids with comma or semicolon.

When i log into my profile i can’t find my payment, what should i do?

The processing of the payment is manual so the crediting may take up some time. If you can’t see your payment in few days, please check if the payment data is correct.

The payment deadline ha expired, but i already paid. What should do?

If you completed you payment in time, you don’t have to do anything. In every case the payment receipt matters, not the crediting.

I forgot to fill the description section, what can I do?

Please contact the organiser and give him the necessary informations to identify your transaction.

I haven’t payed yet, but the time limit expired. What do I have to do?

If the payment deadline expired and haven’t paid the fee of the event or the programs you can apply again for them.

My payment deadline exceed to the normal or other discounted period. Which price do I have to pay?

In every case you have to pay the displayed fee. The prices are based on the apply date.

I see an incorrect discount in my profile! What can I do?

The discounted price is based on the application time, not on the profile creation time. We gurantee this price until the end of deadline.