Let's support the Rókales Foundation

2024.05.12 05:00 CEST

Borzi, one of the residents of the foundation, is conducting a water temperature check. – Created using the work of Rókales Alapítvány. – © 2023 – CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

We felt that both the community and the event were ready to establish a tradition as old as the furry subculture. This year, we have a special opportunity to support a noble cause: the mission of the Rókales Foundation.

Norbert Kurunczi's dedication and love for foxes gave birth to the foundation, which has been operating in Balatonőszöd since July 2022. The foundation's employees and volunteers help and rehabilitate injured, sick, shot and rescued foxes in a large area in harmony with nature.

There is a lot of prejudice and misinformation about foxes in the public consciousness, especially in relation to rabies and their way of life. Therefore, another important goal is to educate people. Many consider them useless and harmful animals, although they have their place in nature, and since rodents make up the majority of their diet, they also do useful work for humans.

During the event, you will have the opportunity to donate at the sealed donation boxes provided. You will find them at key points such as the registration desk, the buffet and the ConShop.

This year, rather than selling little products in the ConShop, there will be a fundraising event. Furdance Budapest will donate the earnings from badges and lanyards, for instance, to the Rókales Foundation.

Program hosts also felt it important to support the cause, so compared to what was previously announced, the programs have been modified as follows: :

  • Art Show and Auction: Artists can choose to give the foundation all or part of the auction earnings. Donation-related items will be identified specifically during the exhibition.
  • Quiz Show: The program host will donate an amount equivalent to each player's award to the foundation. Additionally, this year, participants will receive twice as many points for correct answers.
  • Fursuit Activity: After each successfully completed puzzle, the game host will donate 1000 Hungarian Forints to the foundation. They are also committed to extending the game beyond the regular time range, with additional problems, for up to 75-80 minutes provided enough fursuiters join in the program.

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