Visszatérő programjaink

Returning Events

During this year, you can count on our favourite programs, for example, The Art Show, Fursuit Gameshow, Quiz Show, Fursuit Activity and with high popularity, the Fursuit Walk. You can register on site at the self-service terminal for the events taking place in the main venue.

Like with all furry events, we will also need your help. If you feel you have a great idea, that you would like to bring to life, or you have something you are enthusiastic about that you would like to share or present, read our rules regarding panel hosting and get in touch with us!

Fursuit Gameshow

The Fursuit Gameshow awaits each new eager contestant with brand new tasks and challenges and a shiny new theme each year. This year’s theme is going to be: The Hunger Games.

The picture shows a golden cartoon dragon in black tones holding a wine glass with casual elegance. The Danube and the Chain Bridge in Budapest can be seen in the nocturnal background, with a view from Buda towards Pest.
Fursuit Gameshow cover image: the Mockingjay – Made by PGtheDragon & SkylightCyclone. – © 2023 PGtheDragon – CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

This year, in an unusual way, the entire 160 square meter theater room will be transformed into an arena, where 12 fursuiters can compete in front of spectators cheering from the box. Spectators, as respectable wealthy citizens of the Capitol, can have a say in the course of the contest to help their favorite competitor to victory.

Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Fursuiting 101

You can familiarise yourself with the basics of fursuiting, for example how to play your character. To sum it up, everything you need to know, but are too scared to ask. Whether you have a fursuit or not, if you are only just discovering this diverse community, then your place is there!

Quiz Show

Five questions, five themes, ten minutes, twenty answers and two lifelines. It is just that simple. As players before each question, you must choose a topic from which you will receive a question. You will receive points for each correctly answered question, however, be careful, for each incorrectly answered question you will lose points!

The quiz show simultaneously will be held in two locations, one in English and one in Hungarian. It is worth trying your knowledge, as the collected points after the game can be used in the diner.

Fursuit Dance Competition

Our dancers are relentlessly training, so that they can pit themselves against each other at the Furdance Budapest dance competition. Every contender will be evaluated by a panel of judges, considering each dancer’s style, creativity, and performance.

If you find it interesting, read the dance competition Q&A and apply!

Fursuit Photoshoot

Would you like to save yourself a memorable moment? If the answer is yes, then this is your opportunity! Using the pre-allocated time slots, using this year’s theme as background you will have the opportunity to take pictures of yourself.

The photo shoot can be done solo or in groups, with fursuiters and without them. You will have the opportunity to take photos without fursuits, however, do keep in mind that during the Fursuit Photoshoot, fursuiters will be prioritised.

Fursuit Activity

Fursuiters will alternate whilst trying to mime or draw the various tasks, meanwhile, the audience must guess what those might be. The audience will be part of the excitement of the game: the audience member who guesses the highest number of tasks will even receive a prize.

Art Show

A furry event couldn’t be complete without an event to be able to display your art, as one of the main fundamental pillars of the furry fandom are the various styles and forms of art. Whether it be traditional or digital art, painting, sculpting or even photography, the art show enables the artist to be able to show off their best pieces.

The picture shows a golden cartoon dragon in black tones holding a wine glass with casual elegance. The Danube and the Chain Bridge in Budapest can be seen in the nocturnal background, with a view from Buda towards Pest.
Created using the work of PGtheDragon. – © 2023 Furdance Budapest – CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

If you are an artist and you feel like the Art Show visit link and apply!


In our collection of songs, we only have international hit songs, in English. Outside of our existing songs, we have some German, French and Spanish artists in our collection or the version of English songs. If you would like to bring a song that is in your language, or a regional top hit (for example Hungarian), before the event please contact the organisers so we can prepare your song.

We would like to ask, that if you would like to add a song to our collection, only do it if you would like to perform the given song. The added song’s quality may be lower, or other functions such as controlling the lead are not possible.


Furdance is the highlight of the named events – a fast-paced furry disco, where the participants can party and dance to their heart's content! Do not miss the Monday evening Dead Dog Party either, it’s goal is to bring a final closure to the event with one final party!