May Highlights

2024.05.29 09:34 CEST

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The annual Furdance Budapest is just around the corner and we have something special for everyone! Let's see how our programme list has expanded beyond the returning programmes! Jump to the returning programmes!

Just Dance Competition and Free Play

Get ready to dance and feel the rhythm because the Just Dance Competition is about to begin! The event consists of two parts: the qualifying competition on Saturday and the final on Sunday. The qualifying round will take place in the club room, where everyone can show off their wildest dance moves. The best dancers will go through to the final, which will be held on stage. Join in and show what you've got!


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Guitar/Clone Hero Competition and Free Play

Attention rock stars! Hear my voice! Pluck your strings and prepare for the guitar battle of the century! Take part in the Guitar/Clone Hero competition and show how much of a rock legend you are!

The tournament consists of two acts: a qualifier and a showdown. The qualifier will take place on Sunday in the club room, where the weaker among you will fall. But those who can really set the strings on fire will compete on stage! Who will manage to defeat Satan with one hell of a solo?

p.s: As we have learned from the mistakes of the past, the use of the Pick of Destiny has been banned this year.


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Pooltoy & Inflatable Meet and Greet

Looking for some fun and relaxation after a busy day? Then the Pooltoy & Inflatable Meet and Greet is the right event for you! This event takes place in the club room, where you can meet others and spend time together among various beach and inflatable toys.


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Want to make new friends but don't know how to start? Take part in the Icebreaker, where you can get to know the other participants in a relaxed and fun way! Our program starts with two different teams, so you can choose whether you want to participate in an English or Hungarian conversation. If you have a good command of both languages, you should join the group with fewer participants so that everyone feels comfortable and can easily join in the conversation.

Join in and make new friends in a fun and supportive community!

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