Discontinuation of the Partner Artist Program

2024.04.02 09:32 CEST

The picture shows a golden cartoon dragon in black tones holding a wine glass with casual elegance. The Danube and the Chain Bridge in Budapest can be seen in the nocturnal background, with a view from Buda towards Pest.
Created using the work of PGtheDragon. – © 2023 Furdance Budapest – CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

During the launch of the program, we had received plenty of positive feedback from you. However, as time had passed, we had noticed a steady decline in using the system. Because of this, we have decided that it is no longer viable to continue running this program.

The Partner Artist Program launched in 2021, with unique circumstances, with the aim to give local artist and outlet to be able to present their work. In recent years other opportunities such as the artist alley has opened at the event, which are equally perfect opportunity for artists and dealers to introduce themselves and interact with the community.

Similar to the Partner Artist Program, the now third year running Art Show, where artists can display their art which gives another perfect opportunity for anyone to be able to enter, even if you cannot be there in person, you can find more information on the Art Show page.

Useful information:

Go to Artist Alley.Got to Art Show.