Furdance 2022-08-27 21:25:30


Bowling can't be missed this year either! Last year you pointed out that the time booked in advance was too short. Therefore, this year we'll reserve 3 full hours. Here's the most important information!

You can play in a wonderful environment, on the beautifully lit lanes of Acapulco Bowling Biliárd Pub (Budapest, Tavas u. 5, 1108) The program is fursuiter friendly! You can come in a suit or without, good fun is guaranteed either way, come and spend Sunday afternoon together from 14:00!

Please adhere to the following rules for a smooth and carefree game:

  • Don't enter the roll zone without protective shoes! The rental fee for protective shoes is included in the price!
  • Don't step on the track! The floor of the rink is coated and has undergone a special treatment, which can be damaged even by the soles of protective shoes and poses a risk of slipping. Contact the staff or the organizers if you need help!
  • Follow the instructions of the machine! Don't roll until you're instructed to do so. If the machine hasn't finished sorting the dummies, the track will be completely stopped and cannot be restarted until it's been calibrated. Since this is a competition lane, this can take several hours and it's in our mutual interest that all lanes can run without interruption.
  • Wearing the fur suit is also allowed during play. In any case, make sure that you don't disturb the game of others. Follow the rules and recommendations for outdoor and off-site programs!

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