Have your fursona be the mascot of Fursang Budapest!

2020-06-04 13:30:00

Have your fursona be the mascot of Fursang Budapest!

Thanks to Prém Barkács, now you too can be one of the mascots of Furdance Budapest! You can bid ont he two YCHs displayed on the main page from 2020.06.04. – 2020.06.14.

Can any character be on the YCH?

The current YCHs („your character here”) are only placeholders. The winner can choose any species and gender for their character, which will be displayed on the main page of Furdance Budapest 2020 and on the various promotional materials alike. Along with that the winner will also recieve a high resolution version of the completed YCH.

A couple of references of Prém Barkács’s previous work:
Rules of bidding:

Sign up and bid on the YCH you like the most.

  • SB: 0 HUF (Starting bid)
  • MB: 500 HUF (Minimum bid)
  • AB: NO (Auto buy)

There is no starting bid or upper limit. The person with the highest offer at midnight on 2020. 06. 14. (23:59:59)
Incorrect bids are automatically invali!

Who can participate?

Every Hungarian or foreign person can bid, as long as they already have or are planning to attend this year’s Furdance Budapest.
The winners have to send a picture of their fursona, or their chosen character as a usable reference. For a better outcome you will be able to coordinate with the team of Prém Barkács.

Payment deadline:

The winner of the YCH has 48 hours to contact us and pay, after the results of the bidding are announced. Payment is possible through PayPal and through bank transfer.

The bidding will take place at the following link:



Have your fursona be the mascot of Fursang Budapest!